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There is hope for children with mental health problems


I came across this article recently, about model turned author, Lily Bailey. Lily describes in heartbreaking detail a childhood plagued by OCD and anxiety, which is the subject of her book: ‘OCD, Because We Are Bad.’

Lily’s experiences really resonated with my own recollections of childhood. Like Lily, I believed I was responsible for preventing the death of a loved-one; in my case, my mum. For a child, and their family, this is an incredible burden to shoulder.  Yet recent figures released in the UK show a worrying reduction in government spending on child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS).

In fact, spending in mental health public services generally is falling, whilst the number of people experiencing a common mental health disorder, like anxiety and OCD, appears to be on the rise.

Like me, Lily found a cognitive-behavioural approach helped her on her path to recovery. Whilst it saddens me that many people won’t have access to such therapy, it also strengthens my belief that we are on the right tracks in bringing our PullingtheTrigger compassion-focused CBT approach to as many people as possible.

Through our charity, The Shaw Mind Foundation and further publications in our PullingtheTrigger range, we’ll be exploring ways we can support children and families around the world experiencing mental health problems. I know, like Lily, the devastating effect this has on a young person growing up.

I’m delighted that Lily was able to turn her life around at a relatively young age. I’m looking forward to reading her book.


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