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Screaming in Silence. Trauma Poetry by an ex serviceman.



I’m happy and sad
Compassionate and bad
Can’t sleep at night
Can’t do anything right
I want to be alone
But not on my own
I’m in love but I hate
I’m a burden on the state
I’m possessed by the war
I killed what for?
I see shrinks
I see docs
Remember my Arctic socks
I’m disloyal cause I’m ill
Is it right to kill
I can hide in a crowd
My face a grey shroud
I cry for no reason
My country shouts treason
All the pills and the booze
Make bad memories ooze
I was 19 in June
Under a bright crystal moon
I died that day
But I’m still here to say
For the brave and the free
My award PTSD

By Tony McNally

tony-mcnallyTony McNally is an ex British army serviceman. He served as a Royal Artillery Gunner in the Falklands and Northern Ireland. He left the army after being diagnosed with PTSD.

Tony’s hope is that his poetry and writing helps other trauma sufferers to try their hand at creative writing as a way of release and he dedicates this poem to the 300 plus Falklands War veterans that have taken their own lives.

You can find out more about Tony McNally and his published works via his website.

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