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Taking Back Control Of My Body

I had my first panic attack the day I finished my A Levels. I should have been excited for the…

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Why I’m Scared My Mental Illness Makes Me Hard to Love

I’m scared my mental illness makes me unlovable. It’s a statement I hate writing and a sentence I hate thinking about. But…

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The Connectedness of Sharing

My Feature Writing class was gathered around a large wooden conference table. Gathering up courage, I pitched my story idea….

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I’m a man and I suffered from anorexia too

1 – Where did it start? What do you think triggered your illness? It’s difficult to point to an event…

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My Experience with Self-harming

My self-harming started in high school. I had a friend who self-harmed a lot and she told me about how…

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Mental illness can really happen to ANYONE. Even my boss.

I’ve known Adam Shaw for around seven years now. An extremely successful businessman and a doting family man to his…

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Why compulsory mental health education is necessary

It is commonly known that issues with mental health first appears in childhood. It is possible for children as young…

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I survived Christmas! Now I can finally say I am an eating-disorder-survivor!

Christmas is the worst time of year for people with eating disorders. The run up to 25th December is filled…

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My Best Friend Anorexia

Imagine getting up each morning looking in the mirror and seeing someone you don’t recognise staring back at you. Imagine…

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Raising awareness of OCD

This summer, I decided to walk from John O’Groats (Scotland) to Lands End (Cornwall) to raise awareness of OCD, help…

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