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Definitive and user-friendly recovery and support books with a compassionate, straightforward and innovative approach, helping sufferers to recover from mental health issues.

Pullingthetrigger: We believe that recovery from mental health issues is achieved through talking, being open and having the courage to face both the illness and the fears which come along with it. Fear plays a huge and negative role in ongoing mental illness; sufferers fear others’ perception of them, isolation, that nobody – not even themselves – will ever understand what’s happening to them and fear that they might never feel better. Meanwhile fears caused by misconceptions, myths about ‘madness’ and the prospect of having to participate in an ‘awkward’ conversation are still rife in society as a whole. Pullingthetrigger believe there is only one way to conquer these fears; to face them head on.

Pullingthetrigger promotes an innovative style of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and a compassion focussed approach. We believe this approach encourages sufferers to address and face the unwanted ‘trigger situations’, which can sometimes activate sufferers’ responses and intrusive thoughts (cognitive emotional, physiological and behavioural responses) in any given situation. It is a crucial element in sufferers addressing and recovering from their mental health issues.

We want people to talk freely about our name and we want it to open up debate. This is how the war on mental illness will be won; by us all engaging in conversations about mental health. By not talking about mental health and running scared from a simple name, sentence or words, we highlight the main problem that we, as a society, have. The stigmas we attach to the illness give mental health problems more power than they deserve; through misconceptions, incorrect negative connotations and fear we are providing the illness with all it needs to continue to thrive unchallenged. By engaging in conversation and talking about mental health, one by one we can all play a part in ensuring society as a whole can begin to build a platform for recovery.

By talking about mental health, we can pull the trigger on mental illness. By not fighting our mental health problems, but instead having the courage to embrace them, we can pull the trigger on our fears and live a life with purpose.

We are so proud of our books. Each book produced in the PTT (Pullingthetrigger) range is derived from unconditional attention and focus through years of research and drawing upon expert resource from all around the world. Our passion is in delivering unique, supportive and user-friendly self-help books for the mental health community, utilising a winning combination of a distinctive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and compassion focussed approach.

All of our Pullingthetrigger products have substantial enterprising and philanthropic value which generate contributing proceeds towards our global mental health charity, The Shaw Mind Foundation.

Our passion is to make recovery achievable for all. We want to change the game on mental health recovery. We want to change the world. Recovery begins and is achieved  by the sufferer becoming their own therapist.

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Recovery starts here! Let's talk, share it.

Meet the authors

Adam Shaw is a world wide mental health advocate, philanthropist, author, and co-founder of the successful global charity, The Shaw Mind Foundation. Adam lives in the UK and is married with 5 children. Now in recovery from mental health issues himself, he is committed to helping others suffering from debilitating mental health issues through The Shaw Mind Foundation.

Lauren Callaghan (CPsychol, PGDipClinPsych, PgCert, MA (hons), LLB (hons), BA), born and educated in New Zealand, is an innovative industry leading psychologist based in London.

Lauren was a psychologist at the specialist national treatment centres for severe obsessional problems in the UK and is renowned as an expert in the field of mental health, recognised for diagnosing and successfully treating OCD and anxiety related illnesses in particular.

In addition to appearing as a treating clinician in the critically acclaimed and BAFTA award winning documentary Bedlam, Lauren is a frequent guest speaker on mental health conditions in the media and at academic conferences. Lauren also acts as a guest lecturer and honorary researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry Kings College, UCL.

Adam Shaw and Lauren Callaghan on why Pullingthetrigger is important to them: 

“As a society, we are all collectively responsible and accountable for mental health issues. By not engaging in conversation about it, we are giving mental illness more power than it deserves. By simply talking to, and being open with, our children, family, friends and colleagues, we can begin the process of recovery from mental health issues without even consciously trying. Talking about and sharing our mental health issues is a fundamental and natural platform, through which recovery begins and mental health wellbeing is sustained.”

Our Mission Statement

“We aim to bring to an end the suffering and despair caused by mental health issues. Our goal is to make help and support available for every single person in society, from all walks of life. We will never stop offering hope. These are our promises.”