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Rediscovering Who I Am

I was a fat baby. It was the thing everyone spoke about whenever they told me about my birth. My…

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How Writing Helps Me Escape

I began writing when I was around the age of 13. The words seemed to pull at me in a…

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Family Activities Reduce Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders & Obesity

The more active your family is, the healthier your family will be. Your brain is always developing and growing, from…

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My best-friend had depression, and here’s how I was there for her

Pink balloons. Sweet 16 cards. Banners. Birthday cake. I sat next to Cleo as she peeled the gift-wrap from the…

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The Loss of an Officer

In late June of this year, PC Carl Tyrrell took his own life. Known to his colleagues as a committed…

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Taking Back Control Of My Body

I had my first panic attack the day I finished my A Levels. I should have been excited for the…

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Why I’m Scared My Mental Illness Makes Me Hard to Love

I’m scared my mental illness makes me unlovable. It’s a statement I hate writing and a sentence I hate thinking about. But…

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Why parents aren’t best placed to teach their children about mental health

During our HeaducationUK petition campaign – Make Mental Health Education Compulsory in UK Schools – a few select individuals asked…

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The Connectedness of Sharing

My Feature Writing class was gathered around a large wooden conference table. Gathering up courage, I pitched my story idea….

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I applaud those who break down the stigma of mental health – yet sharing my own mental health story is harder than it looks…

Working for The Shaw Mind Foundation I applaud those who open up about their mental health. However, sharing my own…

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