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Living with Asperger’s is not easy. It never is.

Imagine yourself in a room full of people. All of those people are laughing and mingling. Everyone except for you….

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The Intrusive Loop

When I decided to write this blog post, I felt an immediate sense of dread and fear come over me….

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Recovery is Possible

I’m 18-years-old, and have suffered from mental health problems for many years. Looking back, I was about 12 when I…

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Compulsory Mental Health Education Is Essential In Schools

Earlier this year, back in May, our small foundation (of just 5 employees at the time), along with the support…

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Divorce has a terrible impact on mental health. So why is it ignored?

Today is World Mental Health Day. Let’s celebrate the huge progress that’s been made in championing the equilibrium between our…

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5 Steps to Take When Your Work Stress Becomes Too Much To Handle

When it comes to work related stress, the term “burnout” has become really popular. If the stress you experience is…

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Rediscovering Who I Am

I was a fat baby. It was the thing everyone spoke about whenever they told me about my birth. My…

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How Writing Helps Me Escape

I began writing when I was around the age of 13. The words seemed to pull at me in a…

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Family Activities Reduce Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders & Obesity

The more active your family is, the healthier your family will be. Your brain is always developing and growing, from…

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My best-friend had depression, and here’s how I was there for her

Pink balloons. Sweet 16 cards. Banners. Birthday cake. I sat next to Cleo as she peeled the gift-wrap from the…

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