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My teenage war with OCD

Imagine waking up one morning and immediately closing your eyes. Don’t do anything. Just…keep them closed. You may grant yourself…

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Why we all have to learn to live with uncertainty

Before I even knew what OCD was, I endured horrific intrusive thoughts, which ultimately led me into oblivion and depression….

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My Best Friend Anorexia

Imagine getting up each morning looking in the mirror and seeing someone you don’t recognise staring back at you. Imagine…

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My OCD and Anxiety: What I Wish I’d Known

This blog was first published on 21st October 2016 on Female First. Since the age of around five, I have…

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Raising awareness of OCD

This summer, I decided to walk from John O’Groats (Scotland) to Lands End (Cornwall) to raise awareness of OCD, help…

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What does childhood depression feel like?

We tell our kids that it is easy being a child. No job. No debts. No worries. No end of…

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Quick Guide to ‘Anxiety’s Allies’

A life with anxiety can feel like a constant battle. Always trying to find ways to cope, to function, to…

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PTSD and me

It takes a massive amount of courage to write this blog about my PTSD, but I do not want anyone…

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Screaming in Silence. Trauma Poetry by an ex serviceman.

PTSD I’m happy and sad Compassionate and bad Can’t sleep at night Can’t do anything right I want to be…

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Standing. On the edge.

Standing. On the edge. Looking down to the bottom of that big dark hole at the end of your feet….

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